Surprise Notes and Gifts

This has been a week of surprises! In addition to presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, coming to Sulphur Springs, Texas (who I got to welcome to our town publicly), I received two thank you notes in the mail. One from a mom who is taking an etiquette class with her daughter and one from a judge in our local World Champion Hopkins County Stew Contest (try saying that five times fast…). Trust me when I say it’s rare anyone thanks me for having them take approximately 75 bites of stew, some of which smells like diesel. I was so caught off guard in a good way by these sweet notes – which absolutely shows the impact a piece of paper can make.

thank yous

Now, the time has come for me to do the same! A few weeks ago I entered a local contest from a business here in town called Just Country. They have homemade rustic signs and decor. It’s very cute stuff. Anyhow, I amazingly won. So, I went by the store to pick out a piece. I must have been taking a while because the owner told me she could make whatever I wanted. Being the 29 year old I am, I held out my phone with their Facebook page pulled up to their photos and asked if they had a particular Christmas sign. Alas, it already sold. However!! They made it for me. A person who WON a contest – I wasn’t buying this. Wow. That’s amazing service. Winning the contest in-and-of itself warranted my sending them a thank you for gifting a piece to me. Add this on top of the fact they went out of their way significantly, and I am posting everywhere of their customer service in hopes other shops will take notice. 🙂 So, publicly, thank you to Just Country. You amaze me.

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