The Christmas Season

ornamentEach year I notice the Christmas decorations going up earlier and earlier and coming down sooner and sooner. Part of this may be the secularization of the Christmas holiday. However, I want to remind those celebrating of a Christian faith, the Christmas season is not over, yet! The 12 days of Christmas begin on December 25th, concluding on January 5th, bringing us to the Epiphany on January 6th (and the start of Carnival!).stockings

I’ve had four different messages asking about when to take down the decorations. Ok, not strictly etiquette, but etiquette is essentially guidelines for how we live, so, to me, this applies. 😉 It is fully appropriate to leave Christmas decorations up and lit until after the Christmas season. Appropriately, mid-January is plenty acceptable.  We get a live tree, which I generally forget to water (along with the rest of my plants), so my decorations come down on January 6th, come rain or come shine.

Likewise, Christmas parties and gatherings are perfectly acceptable to have or attend post-December 25th. In actuality, it is preferable than attending a Christmas party on, say, November 5th. So, celebrate away!

Also, if you live near Sulphur Springs and don’t have a King Cake for Carnival (Mardi Gras), don’t feel as though you need to wait until Fat Tuesday! Carnival season will begin January 6th and conclude on Fat Tuesday, which is February 9th for 2016. Here is a link you can order your cake from:

***I do NOT receive any affiliate fee from the above link. I just enjoy their bakery. 🙂

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