Carnations and Corsages

imageSadly, corsages honoring someone are becoming a thing of the past. In an effort to promote traditions, I’m attempting to bring this particular one back! For starters, I love seeing the women in my church proudly wearing their corsages (on their left side). Growing up, I most often saw this on Easter Sunday and Mother’s Day. In an effort to showcase this tradition, I thought it would be a good idea to go over the different colored corsages in effort to highlight their meanings.

For a Mother’s Day corsage, the type of flower isn’t as important as the color of the flower. White signifies that their mother is deceased, red or pink signifies that their mother is alive. Yellow most often means that the person has lost a child. As you can see, the colors signify more about the person’s mother than themselves.

Likewise, if you are at a place (church comes to mind) where carnations are being passed out in honor of Mother’s Day, it is appropriate for all women to accept one. This is actually done in honor of your mother, not in honor of being a mother.

I would like to wish all mothers, aunts, grandmothers, step-mothers and female role models everywhere a very happy Mother’s Day! Maybe we’ll see corsages a little more this year. 😉

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