Which Way The Sheets Go

My goodness. It would be wonderful if I have realized earlier this week that my scheduled posts did not, in fact, post. Oh well, kiddos are down for the night, so I *think* I have it sorted now. I apologize for the delay!

Hi, everyone!! I hope, if you’re local, you’re enjoying the etiquette snippets on KSST. I’m enjoying making them.

We have recently had a couple of ladies clean out home for us. While I know that nothing will ever been the way I do it, I’m just so happy to not be the one doing it. We previously had a lady who cleaned our home, but she moved away. This was someone who was like family to us. I grew up with her cleaning my parents’ home. While we were very happy for her and her family, I also wasn’t eager to allow just anyone into our humble abode.

Through the recommendation of a friend, we found someone wonderful who does a great job. She also now clean my parents’ home. Truly the only quirk I’ve noticed is that when making the beds, she puts the pattern face up. Now, this is truly minor, but I thought it would be a good opportunity for the etiquette of bed making for those who may also not know.

When you are making a bed, the pattern on the top sheet should be placed down, toward the mattress (bottom or fitted sheet). Why? It is so that they the covers are turned down, the pattern is seen. Otherwise, the blank side would be seen. What about white sheets? The seam should be seen on top when initially making the bed. Again, the finished edges will be shown once the sheets are turned down.

Pottery Barn does the best job, in my experience, of encouraging this practice. Some lesser quality sheets we’ve gotten from Target end up with the pattern upside down when implemented this way.

So, questions for the day: Did you already know this etiquette guidance? Do you go by it?

Thank you for reading!

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I'm a wife to Garrett, mother to two littles and a lover of etiquette.

4 thoughts on “Which Way The Sheets Go”

  1. Yes, I truly do this. I can’t say I consider it etiquette though, I thought it was just common practice 😉. But I guess us “older” folks have had YEARS of practice!

    1. Thank you for your comment and for reading! I do teach Southern etiquette, which incorporates traditions and ‘ways of life.’ I’ve tried to expand beyond basic etiquette. I also try to always explain the ‘why’ behind something. ☺️☺️

  2. I learned this while working at Dillard’s at age 23 and making up display beds. It seemed more for decor, but makes a pretty turned down bed.

    1. It really does look nice and complete when the bed is turned down. I had no idea stores taught that for displays, but I’m glad to learn they do!

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