Thank Yous and Advertising

This blog has definitely morphed into something beyond basic etiquette – and I’m truly happy it has. Etiquette is a lifestyle, and I want this blog to reflect that. That being said, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve added advertising recently. It’s something I really prayed about before doing because there is nothing I hate more than trying to read an article while being bombarded with ads. So my promise to you is that won’t happen.

I want to be able to support my family with this blog. It is no longer just a little hobby of mine. It’s a full-blown passion, and I love the evenings when I’m able to crank out 5 or 6 blog posts at a time to schedule them for you to read. However, that’s a fair amount of time away from Garrett and the kids. Garrett in particular, since most of the time the kids are in bed by the time I start writing. I have decided that in order to bring you the highest quality content and best classes, I need to work this like a business.

However, my integrity means so much more to me than a quick buck, SO I have strongly limited the advertisers I’ll allow on this blog. For the time being, it’s Amazon, Target and Lenox. Why? Weddings and babies are the most common etiquette themes. I believe in these brands, and I use their products. I will not post a terrible deal or lousy product. In fact, I will not promote something I don’t use myself. This is my promise to you.

I’m eternally grateful for the emails I’ve recently received thanking me for some specials people were able to get good buys on. I’m so happy it helped you out. To me, there’s no point in paying more than you have to. Thank you SO much for your support of me and this business. I appreciate it more than I could ever say.

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