I Versus Me

Today’s post is brought to you by grammar. Now, while I appreciate grammar, I am, in no way, criticizing anyone who doesn’t use it correctly. Rather, I’m showing how it can benefit you when you use it. Too often we see memes that are making fun of people who don’t know the difference between too, to and two. I, personally, don’t use an Oxford comma. It isn’t lack of intelligence that has led us to this post. It’s not knowing. Like etiquette, there is a reason behind most “rules,” and when you know the “why” behind something, you’re more likely to utilize it.

I versus me.

I watch Food Network a lot. Way more than I should. During the last Next Food Network Star, I kept hearing people say “So-and-so and I.” This isn’t inherently wrong. Sometimes you do end with “I.” Sometimes, though, you end with “me.” Saying “I” doesn’t make you sound more intelligent. It makes you sound as if you don’t understand the grammatical rule. So, I’m here to help explain. 🙂

How do you know when to use I or me? Remove the other person and see if it still sounds okay. Quick little test: “This house belongs to Susie and I” OR “This house belongs to Susie and me.” When you remove Susie, the sentences would read, “This house belongs to I” versus “This house belongs to me.” The second option would be the correct one. Yay!

Now let’s try another one. “She and I will go to the store” OR “She and me will go to the store.” Again, removing the other person, the sentences read, “I will go to the store” versus “Me will go to the store.” In this case, you would use “I.”

I hope this little hint helps you! Like etiquette, grammar helps us to be our best.

Thank you to Mrs. Brown for being a truly knowledgeable teacher. You helped us more than you know.

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