The Big Mayo Debate

I have always been a mayonnaise girl. Well, mayo on turkey, mustard on ham. Anyhow, not just any mayonnaise girl. A Hellman’s girl, through and through. Good mayonnaise is so loved in our family that I actually gifted (as an adult) Hellman’s mayo to my granny one Christmas. She liked practical gifts, and my aunt had recently found a good deal on Kraft mayo. My granny thought it just wasn’t the same, and I happen to agree with her.

My husband, though, loves his Miracle Whip, and he’s attempting to corrupt our babies into also liking it (I can’t bring myself to say love). Apparently, when I was young and naive, my mom would make her deviled eggs from Miracle Whip, and I guess I didn’t hate them. 😉 Oh well. Edited to say: Miracle Whip is definitely not mayonnaise by any stretch of the imagination! It’s a spread or something. I’m not quite sure what…

Over the years, though, the debate has grown from Mayo vs. Miracle Whip to Hellman’s vs. Duke’s. I actually keep both mayonnaises at my house. Duke has a tang to it that is a bit too similar to Miracle Whip for my tastes most of the time. I do like it on burgers. Hellman’s is nice and smooth. It is perfect for any sandwich made on white bread. I also tend to prefer it in my macaroni salads.

So, readers, today is the day for YOU to decide: Duke’s or Hellman’s? Cast your vote in the comments! Thank you for reading! 🙂

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