Happy Labor Day!!

Happy Labor Day!

Fun fact: Most people don’t really seem to know when the “No white after Labor Day” rule first began. While it isn’t a rule that has 100% logic behind it, it doesn’t completely not make sense either. White is a cooler fabric, which is needed (especially pre-AC) in the summer. Likewise, you wouldn’t wear wool or other winter fabrics in the summer, even if it was a cool day. Just like no pajama pants in public, some rules are about respect for others, and this rule is about dressing appropriately for the season.

Fun fact #2: In the South, white is reintroduced at Easter. Northern etiquette (where it stays cooler for longer) generally doesn’t show white until Memorial Day.

Personally, you will not see me wearing white jeans until next year. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject! Thank you for reading!

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