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Spring Cotillion Class Update

It was no accident that Spring Cotillion and Spring Junior Cotillion began yesterday, March 20th, which was the first official day of spring. I always love when a new class begins because I never know what to expect. The anticipation excites me. Now, I know exactly what I’ll teach, but each class contributes and extracts information differently, resulting in different results each time. The two spring classes are no different.This is the first semester I’ve offered classes for the younger grades (Kindergartern through 4th), and I have been so impressed by their attentiveness and desire to learn. It solidifies the thought that incorporating etiquette into their lives at a younger age will make it more understood and second nature for the students.

The Junior Cotillion class actually started out with more male students than female. However, the dancing portion quickly resolved that. One boy got knocked in the nose during an unfortunate Waltz spin, and another boy had his foot stomped on by accident. With two down, we were to a one-to-one ratio. 😉

Each class is not without comical times and ups and downs. At the end, though, I feel confident that the parents who enrolled their children in these classes will know they’ve gained knowledge and lifeskills that will set them apart from their peers. With that, I’m happy. 🙂

Kindness Always Wins

I am often asked the most important part of etiquette. Without a doubt it is kindness.

I recently had an opportunity to read Lilac Girls: A Novel, and I could not recommend this book enough. It was simultaneously easy and hard to read, knowing what these souls had to endure. It is not a stretch to say that kindness was very limited during the Nazi regime, and kindness being limited was lauded. The Nazis knew that the only way people would follow them is if they promoted the dehumanization of others – kindness, in my opinion, is a vital aspect of humanity.

Thankfully, kindness always wins.

My encouragement for you today is to reach out to someone who may be lacking in receiving kindness. We are all humans, and we are all deserving of kindness, regardless of what the world tries to tell us. Kindness breaks down barriers. Kindness makes us better.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single minute before starting to improve the world.” ~ Anne Frank

More Than Minimum

I have seen so many posts and memes lately glorifying getting through and simply doing the bare minimum. Life, though, isn’t about getting through. I get that the memes are intended to be cute and funny. I know we all have days (or weeks) we struggle, and it is so important that we give ourselves grace.

May I gently encourage you to consider less? If too much is causing you to feel as though you’re doing the bare minimum on all of it, reprioritize you life.

Now, please, please keep in mind that each season of life is very different, and I don’t have a newborn at home. My kids are older now and have accepted a decent amount of responsibility for jobs around the house. My season of life may be (and likely is) very different from yours.

If, however, you find that constantly having people over for dinner is causing you more stress than not, it’s okay to stop. If being overly involved is causing you to not give your all to any of the groups, it’s okay to stop. Our culture needs to stop glorifying busyness.

I think it’s okay that we expect more from ourselves and others than sweatpants and missed meetings. Our culture says that it’s okay to not send thank you notes because we’re so busy. Our culture says it’s okay to connect only online because we’re so busy. I hope that you’ll find encouragement in this post and find the peace that can come with doing fewer things well, whether that is at work or at home.

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My husband, Garrett, loves grilling outside. His friend got an instant read thermometer a few summers ago, and the two of them have yielded excellent results with their grilling ventures. It was so accurate that Garrett wanted one. This is a phenomenal deal on an instant read thermometer! Other colors do cost a few more dollars, but I’m not picky about color. This would make a great gift for someone who just purchased their first home or to get prepared for Father’s Day!

{This post contains affiliate links, and we will receive compensation for purchases made through the links.}