“Shoulders Back and Eyes Up”

I head the phrase “shoulders back and eyes up” pretty often growing up. It wasn’t that my mom was formal. If you know her, she’s very relaxed and easy to be around. However, she understood the importance of displaying confidence. Afterall, if you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else take that chance?

It truly is amazing the difference posture makes in how others perceive you. Why are we willing to give anyone the opportunity to think we aren’t capable?

People are naturally drawn to confident people.

Standing up straight conveys confidence. In addition to how we appear to others, standing up straight is healthier for you, as well. By standing up straight, you’re allowing your lungs to fully expand as you breathe. Increased oxygen is linked to increased brain activity, such as having a better memory. Increased oxygen also gives you more energy.

Additionally, how you look is actually linked to how you feel. If you stand up straight, there are studies that indicate you actually have an increase of confidence and not the just appearance of an increase of confidence. How cool is that?

So, keep those shoulders back and your eyes up! The world needs you.

2 thoughts on ““Shoulders Back and Eyes Up”

  1. I, also, heard that phrase often from my mother… followed by practicing walking with a book on my head… if standing with shoulders back and eyes up, book will not fall off…🤗🤗

    1. Very true! I always have the students practice this during cotillion. They just think it’s fun and a “throw back,” but it really does work!

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