Reader Q&A – Wrong Number

Dear Etiquette By Emily – I have a question regarding receiving a call from a wrong number. I usually just hang up after I say, “wrong number.” My wife, though, said that it’s rude to do that. I guess part of my question is, what else is there to say? What else should I do?

A – Thank you for reaching out! While I don’t think your wife is expecting you to have a full-blown conversation with a stranger on the phone, I do think a little more dialogue would be appropriate. Instead of simply hanging up, saying, “No, I’m sorry. This is the wrong number,” and THEN giving them a chance to say something such as a goodbye or an apology would be more tactful.

Also, if you are the one who dials someone incorrectly, it is always appropriate to give a generic apology and to say goodbye. Kindness goes both ways, and it goes a long way, too!

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