My Favorite Etiquette Books

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I’ve had a few reader questions on which etiquette books are my favorite. In truth, I’m careful recommending etiquette books because, unfortunately, not all actually follow etiquette. Some of the newer ones are more of a “hey, let’s just do whatever we want, regardless of how we come across to others” feel. That is not remotely how I want to come across. However, I do have a couple I tend to lean on more than others, so I wanted to share those with you today. Emily Post’s Etiquette, 19th Edition: Manners for Today (Emily’s Post’s Etiquette) is a good standby. While it isn’t written by Emily Post any longer, as she is deceased, I still turn to it for table settings and other areas of etiquette that don’t fluctuate as much. However, I have found it isn’t as traditional as it once was. If you don’t want to spend $25 on a book, Emily Post’s Etiquette, 18th Edition (Emily Post’s Etiquette) is nearly $10 less. Very little has changed between the two.

Another etiquette expert I really enjoy is Amy Vanderbilt. This book, The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette, 50th Anniversay Edition, is very user-friendly, and she gose into a little more of upscale situations than Emily Post does.

Regardless, I think you’ll find either book easy to understand and use! Thank you for reading!

Expired: Extra 25% Off Christmas Store – Lenox

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This deal isn’t *quite* as good as yesterday’s 30% sale, but it’s still a great discount, especially if you are looking to buy something for Thanksgiving or Christmas!

Extra 25% Off Christmas Store

Lenox Halloween Sale!! Expired

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If you are looking for a great deal to start or add to your china collection, Lenox has a wonderful Halloween sale right now! Get 30% off of your purchase using this link: Extra 30% Off Halloween. Just use code HALLOWEEN.

My mom started collecting the Christmas plates in the pattern Holiday, which I love! It’s always so special to use these plates each Christmas.However, if you’re looking for Thanksgiving instead, they have that, too!

If, though, you want something more classic that will work for any holiday, y’all likely know my top pattern is Autumn.Right now the 5-piece plus BONUS set of Holiday china is only $99.95 (reg. $200). With the 30% off, it’s only $69.96! However, to get 4 place settings, right now it’s reduced to $224.95 from $492.00. With the 30% off, you pay only $157.47 or $39.37 for each place setting. That is a phenomenal price for bone china.

Happy Halloween!

Amazon Update

Hi, everyone! First and foremost, if you are in the southeast part of Texas or southern part of Louisiana, please know our prayers are with you. I hope people will help as they feel led.

Additionally, I wanted to update on Amazon. A few weeks ago, a reader purchased an item for an advertised price. Prices may vary at any given moment. However, Amazon allowed the purchase to go through at the posted price. Afterwards, though, the reader received an email stating that a pricing error had been made and they could either 1) pay extra money or 2) cancel the order. I felt this was very deceiving, and I chose at that point to not advertise Amazon, though, my affiliate account is still open with them.

Since that time, the reader has received an email with an apology. I appreciate how Amazon handled the situation. Likely you will still not see many amazon advertisements on here, primarily because I do not want my site to be advertistment filled. I try to carefully choose ads that I think you, as the readers, will find beneficial. Thank you for reading!