Happy Labor Day!!

Happy Labor Day!

Fun fact: Most people don’t really seem to know when the “No white after Labor Day” rule first began. While it isn’t a rule that has 100% logic behind it, it doesn’t completely not make sense either. White is a cooler fabric, which is needed (especially pre-AC) in the summer. Likewise, you wouldn’t wear wool or other winter fabrics in the summer, even if it was a cool day. Just like no pajama pants in public, some rules are about respect for others, and this rule is about dressing appropriately for the season.

Fun fact #2: In the South, white is reintroduced at Easter. Northern etiquette (where it stays cooler for longer) generally doesn’t show white until Memorial Day.

Personally, you will not see me wearing white jeans until next year. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject! Thank you for reading!

Why I Won’t Be Advertising For Amazon Anymore

Guys, I’m pretty disappointed with the customer service Amazon has given y’all and me. Most of y’all are local. Most of y’all I’ve met. So, Amazon has decided the easy thing to do would be to not count y’all’s clicks or purchases. They only want to count clicks from people I don’t know. The refuse to give the “criteria” for how they’ve determined that y’all are “close friends” (their words, not mine). They also said that most of the clicks aren’t from “new customers” and that existing customers didn’t hold “the same value.”

I sent them a question about an item that I had posted when it had a price change for one of you. It didn’t alarm them. Therefore, I cannot, in good faith, continue to do any advertising for this company. I do not, of course, wish them any harm, but they’ve made it clear they believe they are too big to fail and that they aren’t concerned with a customer’s bad experience. I’m so sorry.

A Fox Is Getting Married

Living in Texas, I’ve just accepted (and actually appreciate) that our weather has bipolar tendencies. It will be burning hot one minute; the next, rain will be pouring down in buckets. I actually like the unpredictability and think I may get tired of always knowing what the weather would do if I lived elsewhere. This quick change of pace also has allowed many foxes to get married. What? Let me explain.

I’m not exactly when, but I remember throughout my childhood hearing that when it rained while the sun was shining, a fox was getting married. Foxes have always interested me, and I think they’re beautiful and sly. In my imagination, they would be dressed up, like humans, getting married under dewy trees while the sun gleamed through the branches. They would be sheltered from the storm but not its beauty.

As I got older, the rain-while-the-sun-is-shining phenomenon also, apparently, indicated that the devil was beating his wife. This one seems to be more widely known, but I still prefer the mystery of mine much more.

Do you have any sayings for it rainy while the sun shines? I’d love to hear them!

Note: This picture wasn’t taken (clearly) while it was raining, but it started about 20 minutes after I took it! You never know what you’ll get with Texas weather, and I love that!

The Big Mayo Debate

I have always been a mayonnaise girl. Well, mayo on turkey, mustard on ham. Anyhow, not just any mayonnaise girl. A Hellman’s girl, through and through. Good mayonnaise is so loved in our family that I actually gifted (as an adult) Hellman’s mayo to my granny one Christmas. She liked practical gifts, and my aunt had recently found a good deal on Kraft mayo. My granny thought it just wasn’t the same, and I happen to agree with her.

My husband, though, loves his Miracle Whip, and he’s attempting to corrupt our babies into also liking it (I can’t bring myself to say love). Apparently, when I was young and naive, my mom would make her deviled eggs from Miracle Whip, and I guess I didn’t hate them. 😉 Oh well. Edited to say: Miracle Whip is definitely not mayonnaise by any stretch of the imagination! It’s a spread or something. I’m not quite sure what…

Over the years, though, the debate has grown from Mayo vs. Miracle Whip to Hellman’s vs. Duke’s. I actually keep both mayonnaises at my house. Duke has a tang to it that is a bit too similar to Miracle Whip for my tastes most of the time. I do like it on burgers. Hellman’s is nice and smooth. It is perfect for any sandwich made on white bread. I also tend to prefer it in my macaroni salads.

So, readers, today is the day for YOU to decide: Duke’s or Hellman’s? Cast your vote in the comments! Thank you for reading! 🙂

Teaching Kindness In An Entitled World

I’ve thought long and hard about how/when I wanted to write this post. I was hesitant because some people erroneously think of etiquette as stuffy and for the elite, despite my constant protests. Etiquette is about respect. It’s about respect for oneself and respect for others.

As a momma, I’ve struggled so much with how to teach this to my kids when the world teaches them differently. Yes, I know that at the end of the day, I’m largely responsible for what they learn. I know that Garrett and I are setting the example for the man and woman they will ultimately become. I also know that every day, outside influences are encroaching on my babies in a negative way.

What do I do about it?

  • First and foremost, I pray. I could spend hours on this one point, but I won’t. Suffice it to say I pray for them, and I pray for their future spouses. I pray for their teachers and for their friends.
  • I also have reasonable expectations. My kiddos recently attended Vacation Bible School at our church. They were getting food in line one evening, and one of the ladies serving said they were the first kids to say thank you to them. ***I am not saying this to toot my momma horn because I know good and well there are many things I fail at daily.*** My kids are no different than any of the others kids there. As I worked with the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade girls, I started understanding so much more that many of their parents don’t have expectations for them. They aren’t expected to say thank you. They aren’t expected to clean up after themselves. When we don’t have expectations, we are truly setting up our kids for failure.

I recently read a blog post about disappointment stemming from the difference between expectations and reality. The post continued to say that not having expectations is not the answer, and I was so glad to see that explained in the post. We should have expectations. Reasonable ones. I don’t have expectations for my three and five year olds to make dinner for the family. I do expect them to use their napkin and to help set the table, as well as say thank you.

  • I reinforce that not knowing all parts of etiquette is acceptable. Not being kind is not acceptable. “We cannot control other people, but we can control our reactions to them.” We’ve all heard this cliche over and over, but it still holds truth. I want my kids to know that controlling their anger is expected. This does not mean they have to become a doormat. It means I will expect them to never be the bully. I expect them to have grace for others.

It’s never easy to teach kindness when the world seems to become more entitled every day. It’s not easy when kids see others getting something without working for it. It is, however, immensely worth it when you know you’re doing what you can to raise humans who will positively contribute to society instead of always demanding from it.

Good night. This momma is tired. 🙂 Thank you for reading!