Honeymoon Registry

Alright, I’m going to tackle a question I’ve been asked a couple of times now, but I’ll divide it up for you.

Registries: should you register for honeymoon extras?

honeymoonAnswer: Here is the reality: no one is required to give you anything for getting married. I know that isn’t a fun answer, but at the truth. That being said, it is most likely people will. However, like your wedding, plan for a honeymoon YOU can afford. It is becoming trendy to give experience gifts, but it can also come across as tacky. While it is ok to register, be selective in who you inform of this registry. Extra tip since it’s Monday: NEVER put a registry (wedding, baby shower, etc) on an invitation. You can slip in a registry list on a separate piece of paper or, the best option, though least convenient, let people know of the registry in person or on the phone. Unless your grandma loves giving experience gifts, I’d offer her a more traditional registry list. Don’t forget!! January 10th will be the Sulphur Springs Bridal Fair!

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A Simple RSVP


RSVP. Repondez s’il vous plait. Please reply.

‘High society’ adopted French etiquette in the 18th century, leading to the common RSVP on invitations. If an invitation simply states RSVP, you should reply within a day or two of receiving an invitation. This is a primary example of WHY invitations are not to be sent months in advance of an event. In the case of larger events, such as weddings, a ‘save the date’ may be sent.

Commonly now, ‘regrets only’ is on the invitation for less formal events. Personally, I’m not a fan, nor was Emily Post (though the same cannot be said for her granddaughter-in-law, Peggy Post). If this is on the invitation instead of the traditional RSVP, it’s exactly as it seems: you only reply if you are unable to attend.

Do you have any specific RSVP questions? Feel free to ask!



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A Hat Guide


In general, men’s hats are considered to be outdoor use only. Women’s non-utilitarian hats are considered appropriate for inside use, provided they are in the way of someone’s view (a movie, etc). This past week I witnesses many men wearing their cowboy hats inside (I was in San Antonio). However, here’s a caveat many don’t know about: if there is no room to place the hat, the man or woman may continue to wear it. I overheard conversations about how rude these men were. But we were packed in like sardines, and it would have been truly rude to take up a seat with their hat. Two exceptions to the ‘it’s ok to leave a hat on inside when there’s no room rule.’ One is during the pledge and national anthem. The other is during a prayer. During the pledge and/or national anthem, you may remove the hat and place it over your heart. During a prayer, simply remove it and hold it in front of you.

All of that said, men, IF there is a place (even your knee is fine) to place your hat, please make all efforts to do so. Women, if it’s not part of your outfit, please do the same. However, this is one area we will have to find a little more grace, as hat racks aren’t as prevalent as they once were. Maybe if we bring back hats, though, the racks will follow suit! 😉