A Hat Guide


In general, men’s hats are considered to be outdoor use only. Women’s non-utilitarian hats are considered appropriate for inside use, provided they are in the way of someone’s view (a movie, etc). This past week I witnesses many men wearing their cowboy hats inside (I was in San Antonio). However, here’s a caveat many don’t know about: if there is no room to place the hat, the man or woman may continue to wear it. I overheard conversations about how rude these men were. But we were packed in like sardines, and it would have been truly rude to take up a seat with their hat. Two exceptions to the ‘it’s ok to leave a hat on inside when there’s no room rule.’ One is during the pledge and national anthem. The other is during a prayer. During the pledge and/or national anthem, you may remove the hat and place it over your heart. During a prayer, simply remove it and hold it in front of you.

All of that said, men, IF there is a place (even your knee is fine) to place your hat, please make all efforts to do so. Women, if it’s not part of your outfit, please do the same. However, this is one area we will have to find a little more grace, as hat racks aren’t as prevalent as they once were. Maybe if we bring back hats, though, the racks will follow suit! 😉

Preview For Card Orders

Ladies and Gentlemen…I am so happy to introduce a little preview to the readers for the cards and stationary I will soon have available for sale. Check out the pictures, and let me know your favorites!card halloweencardvalentinescard

I will try to maintain a solid stock through each holiday, as well as some general cards for everyday use. I truly hope these designs will inspire you to bring back the written letter. Additionally, we will start to cover what to include in a Christmas card (and what to not include), as well as how to address the envelope.

Fun fact for the day: When combining a husband’s and wife’s name with no titles, you list the wife’s name first. Ex: Jane and John Smith. The old Southern rule of thumb is “You never separate a man from his name.” If you use titles, in this case, it would be Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, and I will answer you privately (if you prefer) or will answer via the blog. Thanks for reading!

Welcome to Etiquette By Emily

Welcome, everyone! This has been a LONG time coming. Thanks to my wonderful (and persistent) husband, this blog is now LIVE! Please bear with us as we make a LOT of upcoming changes. I wanted to get everything up and running as quickly as possible. Over the course of this weekend, I will be posting all of the blog posts from my Facebook site to this one.

Please check back to find your favorite topic! As always, if there is something you’re interested in, please let me know, and I’ll make sure to cover it!

Thanks for reading!