Christmas Cards!

Welcome to the Christmas card post! I am THRILLED to offer beautiful, vintage cards and tags – everything you need for a perfect Christmas! If you would like to order, please email to place your order. The cards are truly of the highest quality. I like to frame some of them; they are perfect for a vintage Christmas.

Thank you for support, and enjoy shopping!!

“A Happy Christmas to You” – $3.50 each or $3.00 for two or more

“Merry Christmas” – $3.50 each or $3.00 for two or more

“Christmas Tree” – $3.50 each or $3.00 for two or more


“Mailing Tin Set” – $25.00 for 24 cards


“Glittered Gift Tag Tin” – $15.00

Available For Sale – Christmas


Christmas Mailing Set – $24.00

Contains – 24 cards, 24 envelopes, rubber stamps and stamp pads.

Christmas Gift Tags – $15.00

Contains – 36 Glitter Gift Tags


Individual Santa Card – $3.50 each ($3.00 for two or more)








Individual Christmas Tree Card – $3.50 each ($3.00 for two or more)


Individual “Happy Christmas” Cards – $3.50 each ($3.00 for two or more)

Please email to place order! Next day shipping.

Preview For Card Orders

Ladies and Gentlemen…I am so happy to introduce a little preview to the readers for the cards and stationary I will soon have available for sale. Check out the pictures, and let me know your favorites!card halloweencardvalentinescard

I will try to maintain a solid stock through each holiday, as well as some general cards for everyday use. I truly hope these designs will inspire you to bring back the written letter. Additionally, we will start to cover what to include in a Christmas card (and what to not include), as well as how to address the envelope.

Fun fact for the day: When combining a husband’s and wife’s name with no titles, you list the wife’s name first. Ex: Jane and John Smith. The old Southern rule of thumb is “You never separate a man from his name.” If you use titles, in this case, it would be Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, and I will answer you privately (if you prefer) or will answer via the blog. Thanks for reading!