Good Old-Fashioned Dates

imageThis may be a shorter post, as I’m posting from my phone; however after as most of my friends are married or engaged (hence the wedding posts), I have been oblivious to all of the dating  faux pas taking place. I was sadly brought back into light after hearing a story of a girl’s terrible date. Now, I want to preface this post with a disclaimer: I’m an advocate for the modern woman. I have no desire to stay at home. I love working. However, I also am not offended by chivalry. If you are, this may not be the post for you.

Regardless of who invites whom on a date, the person being asked is the guest and should be treated as such. In simple terms, they should not pay. They’re being treated. Even married, it makes me feel so special when my husband purposefully asks me out and pays. There are a few other simple etiquette rules that for some reason have gone away. Let’s bring them back! 😉

First and foremost, there are very few reasons to be late for a date. If you are going to be late, even a text is better than them not knowing.

Don’t assume for your date. Let him or her place their own order for dinner (unless this is a ‘thing’ y’all have).

Open their door. It’s part of the feeling special feeling. If it’s a first date, definitely don’t honk to let them know you’ve arrived.

To the one being treated: not per etiquette, but my granny told me to order something I liked from the middle of the menu. I’m pretty sure this is just an old Southern tradition, but it shows your date you aren’t with them for money AND you don’t think they’re broke by ordering the cheapest thing. This one is up for debate, but I snagged the man of my dreams, so I’m sticking to it.

Finally, THANK the person for taking you out and THANK your date for coming with you. Leaves a good last impression. ☺️

Any other etiquette guidelines to improve dates?