I’m Back!

I am so very sorry for the long hiatus. Though I did not “give up” the internet for Lent, I tried to be more purposeful in using it. I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Since my last update, I attend the Taste of Home Cooking Show, where I had my Etiquette by Emily booth. It was wonderful on so many levels. It was a last minute decision to attend, and I didn’t have any cards on me. A brilliant lady suggested I hand out napkins (that had been embossed with my monogram) with my information on it. Genius! It worked perfectly, and I actually prefer it!

IMG_5133As you can see, I’ve changed the look of my vendor booth. I was pleasantly surprised to meet many people who understood the lack of (and therefore need of promoting) etiquette in today’s society.

Though it’s only Easter, I lucked out and found the Pottery Barn kids Christmas plates I’ve been wanting! I absolutely cannot wait to use them in a short 9 months. 😉

IMG_4798Lastly, the newest edition of the Northeast Texas Bridal magazine has been published! It never gets old seeing my words in print. 🙂

magUntil next time!