How To Make A Bed

I hope this title doesn’t throw everyone off too much. If you’re a parent like me, anything your littles do to even attempt making their bed is a wonderful thing. However, I also know that we often have guests in our home. Aside from a clean bathroom (which I talk about here, here and here), a well-made bed is a way to make someone truly comfortable in your home.

                   A well-made bed

Clean sheets and linens are a must if you’re having a guest stay over. Going one step further, though, can make a very big impression.This week at cotillion, the students were taught how to correctly make a bed. First, the fitted sheets covers the mattress pad. Then, the flat sheet (also called a top sheet) is placed patten side down. If it’s a solid color, the finished side (look for the stitches along the edge) are face down. When you turn down the bed, the sheets are shown correctly.

Sheets facing down when making the bed


Next, any other blanket or comforter is pulled up to cover the sheet. Pillows made be added to your heart’s desire. Ideally, each pillow will have two cases, or a protector (my personal preference) and a case so that the pillow itself is never exposed.

      The start of a turned down bed


Finally, turn down the bed before your guests enter so they are welcomed by a comforting, beautiful bed.

Gracious Guests and Helpful Hosts

We’re entering that time of year where people often spend more time celebrating various holidays with friends and family. While this should lead to enjoyment, it can often lead to disaster – which brings me to today’s Top 5 post.

Today’s Top 5 has a list for both guests and hosts to do (or to not do) in order to enjoy holidays more.

The lists were compiled after a reader asked if it was okay to host a potluck Thanksgiving. My answer: it absolutely is, provided that all expectations are clearly defined to your guests in the beginning.


Guests Top 5:

  • Show up on time
  • Offer to bring something to share
  • Bring a hostess gift
  • Help clean up after the meal
  • Don’t overstay your welcome

Hosts Top 5:

  • Set out clear expectations of your guests
  • Have most items prepped before guests arrive
  • Have yourself fully dressed and ready to celebrate by the time guests arrive
  • Delegate tasks to your guests if help is offered
  • Always be gracious and welcoming to your guests