Quick Guide to Your Monogram

Here’s a quick guide for determining the order for your monogram!

First and foremost: if all of the letters are the same size, it is your initials, not actually a monogram. So, for me, it would be EEG. First initial, middle initial, last initial.

I’m going to keep the font the same size for reading purposes, but I will let you know when the size should change. 🙂

For an individual monogram, Jane Elizabeth Smith’s would be J S E with the S larger.

If Jane is married to Rick, their married monogram would be J S R with the S larger. This is applicable to 99% of all items. If something is considered specifically the husband’s, the monogram would lead with his initial first, so R S J with the S larger.

Here’s an area people tend to jump the gun: before the reception. You should debut your married monogram at the reception, not the wedding. So, wedding invitations should not have your married monogram. Formal invitations actually should not have any monogram on them. By definition, regardless of how you choose to celebrate, a wedding is a formal occasion. Thus, no monogram. However, monogrammed napkins, decor, etc. at the reception is perfectly acceptable. Personally, I love a good monogram. 🙂

Questions? I’d love to hear them!