An Added Touch

My love of all things monogrammed is no secret. However, not only can it become cost-prohibitive to monogram everything, it also isn’t time efficient. Usually having a monogram added to something easily adds 3-5 business days to your order. So, for items you replace frequently, allow me to suggest an embosser.

embosserOh my goodness, this has been life changing. Instead of waiting extra time and paying extra money to have envelopes, paper hand towels, stationary, etc. personalized, I can do it myself. While there are likely several places you can order an embosser from, allow me to tell you about my experience.

My mom and dad purchased the embosser for me as a Christmas gift from Everything Unique, a local boutique in Sulphur Springs. Here is their facebook link:

Once ordered, it had a certificate where I could go online to pick my style, monogram, etc. I put in the certificate number, and, like magic, it was delivered to my home just like that! Truly, it was that simple. Also, now that I have the embosser, I can get different plates to have a married monogram, our address or anything else that I desire (well, that will fit on something the size of a half-dollar). Here are some examples!

letter1 letter2 letter3

I love that a one-time purchase can add that something special to your stationary. I’m also no longer limited to paper styles of the monogramming company. It definitely has a simple, classy touch. Do you have an embosser? Would you use one? Thanks for reading!

Available For Sale – Christmas


Christmas Mailing Set – $24.00

Contains – 24 cards, 24 envelopes, rubber stamps and stamp pads.

Christmas Gift Tags – $15.00

Contains – 36 Glitter Gift Tags


Individual Santa Card – $3.50 each ($3.00 for two or more)








Individual Christmas Tree Card – $3.50 each ($3.00 for two or more)


Individual “Happy Christmas” Cards – $3.50 each ($3.00 for two or more)

Please email to place order! Next day shipping.