Wedding Monogram 411

I love all things monogrammed, from flatware to bed sheets. However, I particularly love a good, Southern monogrammed wedding. Knowing which monogram to use, though, will make or break you in the etiquette world. So, I’m here to give a little guidance.

The rule is that anything before you tie the know (“bride” shirt for the day of or a handkerchief to carry during the wedding) should have the bride’s maiden monogram.

Once you’ve said, “I do,” feel free to use your new monogram or new combined monogram (with the wife’s initial leading) as often as you would like from the cocktail napkins to thank you notes. Our last name is Glass, so to finish the example, our monogram at our reception would be EGG, with the middle G larger than ther outside letters. Pretend those are the initials used in this monogram.swa-style-538

Alright, now that that’s solved. If you want to use YOUR personal monogram, I’ll give an example for that. My full name is Emily Elizabeth Glass; so my monogram would be EGE. I would use this for shirts, a personal mug, etc. Joint household items – napkins, silver/flatware, sheets, towels, etc. – use the couple’s married monogram, with the wife’s initial leading. For Garrett and me, that would be EGG. Again, the middle G would be larger than the outside letters.

Items that would use the married monogram with the husband’s initial leading include whiskey glasses, decanters, etc. Truly, it’s pretty limited to alcohol. C’est la vie.

Enjoy! 🙂