The Power of Discipline

Discipline. As a child, it’s hard to understand the importance of not despising discipline, much less liking it and realizing its importance. However, our world lacks so much of discipline. I’m sure it’s because it’s not something that comes instantly after one try. There is much value to be found in waiting. Discipline, itself, is often described as an artform.

Etiquette requires discipline. Similarly, it requires restraint. One of the biggest mistakes someone could make is to confuse meekness for weakness. It takes quite a bit of strength to have control over oneself – control over how you think, what you eat, how you feel, how you respond.

Once we lose the victim’s mentality of thinking everything is happening to us, we come to understand the power we have over ourselves and, thus, our situations.

I appreciate and understand how much etiquette helps with discipline. Those who understand and practice etiquette aren’t puppets. We simply know the how discipline makes us and our world better.